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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both Lost & Found and Adoptions at The Animal Foundation is open by APPOINTMENT ONLY as of Thursday, March 19th. This precaution is being taken to keep both the public and our team safe during this constantly evolving situation.


Due to the pandemic we have made some changes to our operating practices during this interim, unpredictable, and rapidly changing environment. It is correct that we have contractual obligations to our local government partners to whom we provide some of our services. This is why we have worked in close communication and coordination with them to make decisions. Our decisions thus far have been consistent with the guidelines issued by The National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA), designed to address the very issue of how animal control and shelter services should respond during this pandemic. 

It is important to note that we also have an obligation to comply with federal and state requirements and guidance concerning the assembly of people, and other measures currently in place to help slow the spread of the virus in our community.  We are working diligently to comply with many, sometimes competing, obligations.  All in the best interest of both our animal and human community.


Adoptions are taking place by appointment only at The Animal Foundation, Engelstad Foundation Adoption Center. Interested adopters can make an appointment by calling 702-955-5901. Phone Lines for scheduling adoptions are open 7 days a week from 9am to 7pm.

The Animal Foundation has closed the Everyday Adoption Center at 286 W Lake Mead Parkway, Henderson, Nevada 89015, and is suspending all offsite adoptions programming. 

All of our available animals up for adoption are listed on our website at

Lost & Found

All Lost & Found Services will be handled through appointments only. 

For owner surrender intervention services, please call 702-955-5910 or email to make an appointment.

For animal reclaims and owner requested humane euthanasia, please email to make an appointment. 

Animals that have been found and are at The Animal Foundation can be searched through

Please refer to our website for other important information and questions you may have regarding this change in operations.

Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic

The clinic partially re-opened June 1st.  The clinic will be open by appointment only Monday through Friday, from 10am to 3pm. The last appointment will be at 2:45 pm.

We are very concerned about you and your pets when it is over 90° outside.  The car gets too hot to sit and wait, which is why we are accepting appointments only from June 8th-19th.  This will allow us time to get the systems in place to speed up the appointment process and take drop ins in a more timely manner.

TAF’s Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic will be providing curbside service by appointment only. Here’s how it works for pet owners:

  1. When you arrive at the shelter, please stay in your car and check in by texting the word "Join" and your name to (833) 710-1341.
  2. A staff member will come out to pick up your pet from the parking lot.
  3. Once your pet is ready to be discharged, a staff member will call with any further instructions and bring your pet back to the car.

Services available:

  • Cat and dog vaccines
  • Cat and dog microchipping

Low-cost spay and neuter surgeries remain on hold until further notice.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, TAF suspended clinic operations based on national recommendations. This was part of an effort to conserve and donate personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers treating human patients and to limit the risk of spreading the virus. Making these low-cost services available to the public again has been a priority, and we have made some changes to our operations to help keep the public and our staff safe.

Call 702-955-5955 to make an appointment for your pet!  We would like to thank the community for your continued cooperation and for doing your part in helping keep pets and people safe.

Community Cat Program (CCP)

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) surgeries and Trap Loans are provided to the public for community cats BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please go to Community Cats for more information.

Emergency Planning

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow, now is an important time to create a plan for your pet in case you get sick. While it can be stressful to think about, it’s the best way to make sure your animals are well-cared for in an emergency.

KNOW THE FACTS: According to the CDC, there’s no evidence that pets can become sick with COVID-19 or spread it to people. But it’s crucial that you have a plan in place for your pets in case the virus impacts you or your family.

What you should do as a pet parent, right now:

  • Identify a trusted neighbor, friend, co-worker, or family member to take your pet in if you were to become sick or hospitalized.
  • Prepare a pet supply kit, including:
    • Name and contact information of the person who can care for your pet
    • Name and contact information for a back-up in case your go-to is no longer able to help
    • Food, treats, toys, a leash, and any other supplies necessary to care for your pet for at least two weeks
    • A crate or carrier to transport your pet
    • Vaccination records
    • Collar with ID tags (don’t forget to make sure their microchip information is up to date)
    • Medications and prescriptions
    • Daily care instructions
    • Your veterinarian's contact information

Questions & Answers

What should I do if I've found a pet?

Most pets are found in the neighborhoods they live in, so social media platforms such as Nextdoor, Facebook, etc. are all extremely effective at reuniting pets with their owners. If you find a pet, ask your neighbors if they recognize them and post flyers throughout the community. If the animal appears sick, injured or dangerous, please contact your local animal control agency.

What should I do if I’ve lost my pet?

Post your lost pet on social media platforms such as nextdoor, facebook, etc. Ensure your pet’s microchip is up to date if they have one. Post flyers around your neighborhood. Check lost pets on The Animal Foundation website. If you find your pet on our website, please email to schedule an appointment to reclaim them.

What if I need to surrender my pet?

We understand how difficult it may be to care for a pet during these trying times. We are committed to helping you keep your pet if possible. Please call our dedicated team of counselors at 702-955-5932 to discuss your options.

I need help with food and/or supplies for my pet, what should I do?

We have limited food and supplies available for individuals needing assistance. Please call us at 702-955-5932.

My pet needs veterinary care and I can’t afford it, can you help?

We have limited ability to provide veterinary services to owned animals by appointment only, please call 702-955-5932 to see if we can be of assistance.

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