Stop Kidnapping Kittens

 Stop Kidnapping kittens! 

kittens.jpgIf you really want to help, leave them be. 

Kitten season is coming! We want everyone to know what to do if you find a litter of newborn kittens.

  1. Leave the kittens alone and observe from a distance for 6 to 8 hours. Remember Mom has to eat, too! She is likely finding food so she can continue feeding her babies. Mom may see humans as predators and will not return while you are present or hovering over her kittens. Keep in mind that unless you stake out the nest for the full 6 hours without breaks, there’s a good chance you could miss her. If the kittens are chunky and content, Mom is likely caring for them.
  2. If the kittens are in immediate danger due to their location, move them to a safe spot nearby. That way, Mom can easily find them when she returns. Reminder: Mom generally won't place her kittens in immediate danger so weigh the risks before you intervene.
  3. If the kittens appear dirty, unkept, sick, or injured, something could have happened to Mom. In that case please reach out to your local Animal Control jurisdiction to have them picked up.
  4. If you spot Mom, leave the kittens alone! We can't stress this enough. If mom seems to be struggling to care for the kittens, you can routinely offer her food and water in an accessible area that's not too close to the nest to prevent possible predators from finding the kittens. Once the kittens reach 8 weeks of age, humanely trap the entire family to have Mom spayed and returned to her neighborhood and have the kittens placed for adoption. TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is the most humane method of preventing cats and kittens from entering the shelter in the first place. That way they can continue living long and happy lives!
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